You’re going to be late again , I told myself over and over again as I was waiting for a bus to my college. It was around 10 in the morning and I was already getting late for my English Class. I stood there, in a road waiting desperately for a bus to show up and cursing myself for nothing. ugh !

Then there he was,  a little man running along with a doughnut in his hand. And as for that moment, I was completely immersed in my thoughts. His face, his hands, his feet, his clothes and his little body…. I let my eyes wander. Must be around 8 years old, I began my deduction. In his petite body, the clothes he was wearing looked really uncomfortable to me; over sized Amul Macho vest and a half stitched denim jeans. His hair looked as if he had worked in a construction sites, all dusted up and for instant I thought about the possibility of my guessing. What if he really does a labor work  !? No, he’s too tiny, I told myself. But of all his entire attire, that smile he was wearing was exceedingly unbelievable. That boy was looking so happy ! So happy for the piece of doughnut he was holding in his hand. I could see the glee in his eyes as he was jumping and all at once this wave of empathy rush within me.

He must be pretty hungry.

May be that doughnut is the only thing he gets for his breakfast. Is it the only thing he eats before he goes to school? Does he even get to go to school ? Does he have sibling at home? Does he have to share that food ? Why is God so unfair with range of children?

And before I get answers to my questions from God, the horn of the bus startled me up. I got inside the bus and from the corner of my eyes, I saw him giving the piece of doughnut to little girl, who looked exactly like him.

Only if God was fairer with kids and old ones, the world would seem little nicer.