“It was not the passion that was new to her, it was the yearning adoration. She knew she had always feared it, for it left her helpless; she feared it still, lest if she adored him too much, then she would lose herself, become effaced, and she did not want to be effaced, a slave, like a savage woman. She must not become a slave. She feared her adoration, yet she would not at once fight against it.”

― D.H. Lawrence




I was on my way back home with my friend walking upward the silent street chatting about how that bishop was grasping Ariana Grande. And then something caught my eyes; there was a father and his little son in a school uniform and their cycle. I wouldn’t bother to linger my thoughts to them for a long if it wasn’t the father, the man had this abnormal curvature of the spine (kyphosis) which made him look short and of same height as his son. It was straight upward road so they were not being able to ride the cycle but were instead walking. Me and my friend, we somehow managed to walk ahead them but after few minutes by then, the father and son went ahead of us in their cycle and I saw that kid saying something and the man laughing. In that moment I thought of people I know having almost everything they ever asked for and yet how unhappy and unsatisfied they were. I thought of my friend who used to argue with his dad now and often despite he fulfilled every one of his needs and I thought of myself for  how ungrateful I was with what I have. Though the father was suffering from his illness and how little they have compared to what rich tycoons have, there was this love between them.

We forget things that we are supposed to cherish the most.

We run after things that we lack and forget to be grateful for what we have.

We whine over how our face and body look instead of thanking God for blessing us with all the organs (Just imagine living without one eye, no makeup in the entire universe will make you look the way you look at the very moment).

And more than anything,we search for love when all we need to do is to love the love we already have.

Be grateful, be kind, be loving.


To my Dad. xxx